QR Code Guidelines

MPM QR Code Industry Standard Specifications

Version 1.01 September 14, 2021

The purpose of the Industry Standard for Merchant-Presented Mode QR code (hereafter MPM QR) is to offer the Australian market an interoperable QR solution to Payers and Payees. The Industry Standard MPM QR code is free to use and not mandatory.

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Industry Guideline MPM ShortQR - Front End Specifications

Version 1.0 December, 2021

The Industry Guideline MPM ShortQR is a voluntary guideline setting out front-end specifications of MPM ShortQR. The aim of the Industry Guideline is to enable a consistent interface for the creation and scanning of ShortQR codes for payments and related transactions in Australia. The Industry Guideline is limited to frontend specifications. The Industry Guideline does not address back-end specifications including the exchange of transaction details and details of payment initiation, and it does not ensure interoperability with the back-end of the different ShortQR solutions.

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