Open Loop Transport

Using your regular payment card on public transport

The 'open loop' payment initiative allows commuters to pay for transit just as they would for any other purchase made with their contactless debit or credit card. 
Australian Payments Network, in collaboration with the payments industry and transport authorities, has produced an Open Loop Transport Payments Framework for use by transport authorities and/or local transport operators in Australia when looking at implementing open loop contactless (EMV) payments.
The Framework is designed to ensure a consistent consumer open loop ticketing experience and does not include technical specification or infrastructure requirements. It is intended to help the transport authorities and their partners to determine whether to implement one or more of the models described.
A Considerations document and a Use Case document have also been produced to be used in conjunction with the Framework:

  • The Considerations document details specific recommendations on open loop best practice, differences between card schemes, and certain edge cases that are applicable to the Australian market.
  • The Use Case document outlines standard transaction flows, highlighting where card schemes differ in their processing.

These documents are available to interested parties who are working with local transport authorities/operators.
If you would like a copy of these documents, please submit your request and details via our Contact Form.

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