AI, Australia’s Ethics Framework

In May 2019, we were pleased to make a submission to the Data61 consultation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Australia’s Ethics Framework.

Data61 sought feedback on the proposed Australian Ethics Framework, designed to help ensure AI is developed and applied responsibly in Australia.

Our submission highlights AI as key pillar of innovation for the payments industry and sees the discussion paper as a useful starting point. Two current AI use cases are applicable to the payments industry: authentication practices; and automated decisions based on payment data. AusPayNet’s response seeks to clarify the scope of the framework, clearly articulate consumer benefits and ensure the transparency and accountability of any AI system. Our submission further highlights the need for payment networks to ensure the highest level of security due to the sensitivity of information being transmitted, a practice which must be continued with the application of AI and machine learning.

AusPayNet will work through our comments with Data61, providing input into the next version of the Ethics Framework.

Access our Submission below.