Real Time Payments Summit - 2018 Sydney

Date: 18 May 2018
Time: 8.45am
Host: Kinfos Events Ltd

Our COO, Andy White, joins the Opening Power Hour panel to talk about the NPP.


The public launch of the New Payments Platform in February 2018 was a landmark for the Australian payments system. 

As real-time payments gain momentum, the RTP Summit is bringing together some of the pioneers and key stakeholders to discuss the shift 'Towards Faster, Richer and Secure Payments 24/7/365 Days'.

The Summit will explore the key features of the NPP, the opportunities and challenges, and what the future holds.

AusPayNet was instrumental in the NPP’s early development in terms of industry collaboration, governance, and structure. We hope you can join our COO, Andy White, for the ‘Opening Power Hour’.

Further details of the event can be accessed via the link provided above.