Member Webinar: COVID-19 and Payments

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Date: Thursday, 14 May 2020
Time: 4pm
Host: Andy White, CEO AusPayNet

Dave Birch, 15Mb

Will the rapid digitisation and shift away from cash that we're seeing during COVID-19 be permanent, effectively accelerating the long-term decline of cash?

Members are invited to join our webinar as we explore the impact of the pandemic on the payments industry, led by payments expert David Birch, who will share his global perspectives based on recent work for clients in Europe, North America and Asia.

Dave's analysis will use a simple high level model of financial institutions to look at the impact of the virus and examine some early evidence of longer-term change and suggest some key fintech/regtech areas of opportunity.

In particular Dave will cover eight areas: open banking, liquidity, digital identity, government stimulus, contact-free services, cashlessness, omnichannel access and better fraud protection.

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